When Neptune was born he was gorgeous: glowing water, rich colors, glittering in daylight, still visible in the dim light of night. He dominated everything from his position in the center of the city and beautifully represented good government and pontifical munificence.
Despite the treatment of the end of the last century, today we understand, even just looking at it, that restoration activities are required. So Neptune is subjected to a thousand more tests to verify the current state of construction like deficiencies, irregularities, modifications, additions, eliminations and restorations over time, exactly as when we submit to a thousand medical tests to look for a cure for a disease or to undergo surgery. These “examinations” are a real educational tool explaining how the fountain operate in the complexity of its history, analyzing the models it refers to and the innovations it introduces. These “examinations” are, finally, an accurate instrument to know conditions, structure, surface quality of the fountain and to find a therapy starting from an irrefutable document.

Thanks to these data it’s possible to simulate large parts of the project: the new hydraulic system, new lighting, and new accommodation.

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